Welcome to Senior Life Crisis, the next chapter for the Lismaine Cottage crew. We’re travelling around Oregon housesitting and petsitting, and getting to know the people of this great state.

We will be posting about our latest adventures right here.

The Story Continues…

Heading Back Across the Pond

Picking up where we left off, Brian and Margaret were on their way back to their (relatively) newly adopted home. Three flights later, we made it to Portland. We collected our luggage and headed out to meet Keith. It was great to see a friendly face at the long journey’s end. Joanna, Scott, Cathy and… Read More Heading Back Across the Pond

The Long Journey Home

Brian and Margaret head back to the old country to catch up with family and friends. Scott very kindly left us off at the airport in Portland, a 30-minute car trip from Oregon City and we were on our way. Three flights later, (Portland to Seattle, Seattle to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Birmingham), we arrived… Read More The Long Journey Home

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